Friday, August 10, 2007

Whidbey Island Aug 2007

August 2nd, headed out for Whidbey Island.
The usual long 1.5 day drive made a little easier by having the 7th Harry Potter audiobook to listen too.

Had a fun week in Washington, kayaking, fishing, biking and visiting. Grandpa Bolte is doing great and Grandma Bolte is doing better every trip we have made the last few year.

Took a few turns around the go-kart track (Chris was the best driver). Went out in Becky and Matt's kayaks. Caught a bunch of dogfish out in the boat. Cool weather for August.

Went to the Everett climbing gym and had a blast. Kitty was the top climber.

The old guys, beat the young guys (stomped them) in two b-ball games...

The three Johns
----------------- Kitty and Uncle John

the three teenage cousins (we missed Zach)

Teenage boys


Matthew said...


Wow, the climbing pictures are amazing. Was that Little John all the way up there?

Mike Bolte said...

Little John climbed a pretty good route, but it was just Kitty and me on Shagadelic.