Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tuolumne Meadows, Aug 07

We headed to Tuolumne Meadows
August 13 through 17. Steve Latif and family had headed up there the day before and kindly got campsite lined up for us. There were a bunch of folks from Santa Cruz.

Steve Latif at the TMdws campground

The weather was perfect -- 75F during the day and the upper 40s at night. We hiked, swam in the river, climbed and fly-fished the Dana and Lyle Forks of the Tuolumne. Kitty and John each climbed the Golfer's Route on Low Profile (5.7) after having backed off the crux the year before.

Kitty and I climbed Shagadelic on Medlicott Dome, August 15, 2007. Finger crack in a corner to start, then some amazing knob climbing up a steep wall. 5.8, 600ft. The arrow points out two climbers on the route. 30 minute steep approach, four long pitches and a long deproach back to the car. We headed North and down the gully between Medlicott and Mariluolumne Domes then contoured back around Medlicott to get back to the car.

Steve did his first big trad route on Thursday. He and Jon Becker climbed the regular route on Fairview. Started mid morning and did part of the walkoff via headlamp.

Jon and Steve are visible on the 6th pitch of the Regular Route on Fairview in the center of the image. The kids (Jason and Josh) are also at the top of the 5th and on Cresent Ledge

It was a dry winter and the rivers were low and much warmer than usual. Made for great swimming. Caught lots of beautiful little (really little - 4" to 8") cutthroats in the river on #18 light colored dry flies. Slow trip heading out with terrible traffic on 580 through Tracy. Pretty quick heading home even with though it was Friday rush hour.

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