Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Whidbey Island 2007 Holidays

December 26, 2007 we headed to SFO to fly to Seattle. Light rain in Seattle as we drove up to catch the Mukultio ferry to Whidbey Island. Up in time for dinner and a little Christmas

San Francisco Airport

Ferry to Whidbey

Everyone was doing well. The weather was even colder and wetter than I remember from our years in the Northwest.

The old folks

We went skiing to Mt Baker one (looong) day. Lots of snow up there and more was falling all day long. Kitty skied for the first time and found it easier than snowboarding. Matt, Chris and Zach disappeared immediately to the black diamonds on their boards. Little John, Kitty and I poked around on the bunny slope and greens and had a great time.

Also hit the climbing gym in Everett one afternoon, Nice little gym. Kitty smoked the big strong cousins.

Kitty, Matt, Chris & Zach, the old guy and Little John (clockwise)

It was nice to have Zach there this year.

New Year's Eve party animal (she was up and firing off her shotgun at midnight)

The cousins are all looking great and doing well

Matt gets some air

Jan 1, 2008 on the ferry heading home. These kids are bummed.