Sunday, July 15, 2007

Loon Lake and Lover's Leap 2007

July 12, 2007, John, Kitty, a kid named Ryan and I headed for Loon Lake in the Sierra near Lake Tahoe. John and Ryan were going on a four-day kayak camp trip. Kitty and I had our kayaks to do a quick tour of Loon Lake, then we were heading to Lover's Leap for a couple of days of climbing.

Loon Lake was low for this time of year and the water was warm. While John and Kyle packed with the others in their group for the trip, Kitty and I launched our boat and headed out. It was sunny and breezy. A beautiful place.

After the kids got packed and started paddling for their camp. Kitty and I head off for the campground at Lover's Leap. It was hot despite the altitude but there was plenty of room at the campground. We set up camp and headed over to the boulders. Next morning we were off for Kitty's second multi-pitch climb--Deception on the Hogsback. Three pitches and 5.6. The crux is a no-hands traverse at the end of the second.We started early(ish), had a great time. After the hike back we headed to Lake Tahoe to cool off. Quite a scene up there with big crowds at all the beaches.

Deception and Knapsack Crack on the Hogsback (photo from Chris McNamara)

Kitty coming up the first pitch of Deception

Day 2 Kitty did her first outdoor lead up Knapsack Crack on the Hogsback. 5.5 and two pitches.

Kitty's first lead!

Click here for a mosaic image of the Leap

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