Monday, October 31, 2011

Whale of a good time

For the last week, there have been 8 or 10 humpback whales right off shore in Santa Cruz. From about anywhere between the lighthouse at Steamer Lane and down to Seabright you can see them. It is incredible. Sunday morning the kids and I went out in the kayaks. It was a crazy human scene. Kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards, sail boats, dingys, powerboats were everywhere. But, within a few hundred yards of the harbor mouth we saw the first of the whales and over the next few hours we saw many backs and spouts including some encounters within 30 feet! It was an awesome experience.

Tail lobbing seen from shore

Surface feeding from shore

The scene heading out
First whale spotted on our way out
Lots of close encounters! This with my little waterproof camera with limited zoom.

John wanted to dive with the whales

Yosemite October 2011

The kids and I barreled over to Yosemite to catch a slide show by the climbing legends Royal Robbins and Tom Frost. Perfect Fall weather and we got in a few climbs.
The Robbins/Frost presentation was very well attended

Kitty on the second pitch of the Harry Daly Route 

Kitty on the 5.10c Sherrie's Crack

John leading Nurdle

Tuolumne with Kitty

The gal and I took a quick trip to Tuolumne and Yosemite Sept 2011. Cold at night, perfect during the day.
The weather was perfect

We did some climbing: Scandalous Summer

We saw some critters

A Pika! First time I have ever seem one