Monday, June 20, 2011

The Leap

Kitty is back from UC Davis and the kids and I headed to Lover's Leap by Lake Tahoe for some climbing.

Campground had some spots and we did the Classic "Bear's Reach" after setting up camp. Beautiful evening. Up before it got too warm and over to climb "Hogwild" - and excellent face and crack climb. Rope got hung up on rappel and ended up leading it twice. By 1pm it was about 95F and we headed back to Santa Cruz. Saw two rattlesnakes on the trail.

Kitty on the first pitch
John leading the third to the top
The summit shot!
Lover's Leap campground
John leading the first pitch of Hogwild. Took an unusual variation left.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guanaja Honduras

The Bolte Boys headed off for a little adventure in June 2011. Me, not-so-little-anymore John, Uncle John and the cousins Zach, Matt and Chris headed to Guanaja, a 2 mile by 10 mile long island off the coast of Honduras. To get there we flew to Houston, then caught a flight to Roatan (another island off Honduras with an airport that can handle 737s), where we hopped on a little prop plane to Guanaja. From there the dive master of the B&B where we stayed picked us up in his boat. 93F, 98% humidity.

The kids were there for the fabulous diving. 100' visibility, 80F water and a vibrant, healthy reef.

View of the house where we stayed (top) and the view from the house

Brother John and I were there to fish for bonefish

Johnny got certified just before the trip: he had a blast diving
The beaches and water there are classic tropical paradise
John on the dock

Gearing up for a dive
There were some classic flats

Bro John and I did our exploring for bonefish flats via kayak

The bonefishing was fabulous
Saw permit, barracuda, snook and lots of bonefish

The crew: me, Chris, Zach, Big John, John, Matt