Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm Back!

What with the Facebook thing and life, I've updated this less and less often. So here is a one-shot photoblog of at least some of what's been going on since July 2010!

As always, a lively, friendly time at our friends the Latif's for July 4.

It is hard to believe, but that gal has been on the farm in Pittsburgh since April. She has had a great time and loves life on the farm. Be great to have her home again for a little while at least just before Thanksgiving!

We had a delightful young lady visit for two months. Isha, originally from India, currently a student in London, came out and worked with Sandy Faber's group and played sometimes with us.

One fun day was Kayaking at Elkhorn Slough. More sea otters than I've ever seen in a day.

John and I got out to the Pinnacles and Tuolumne a fair bit. He did his first outdoor leading and quickly progressed into 5.10 trad leading.

John leading Great Circle Route
Pinnacles July 2010

TM Herbert in Tuolumne

Racking up for the Great Circle Route
Mosaic of Steve Latif on Do or Fly
Johnny firing Puppy Crack
Same morning we saw Herbert we ran into Paul Doherty

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