Sunday, July 11, 2010

Leap of Faith

JB and I took a couple of days to go climbing at Lover's Leap up by Lake Tahoe. Great weather, lots of room in the campground. Did a quick route the afternoon we got there then hung out by the river fishing (nothing) and, John actually did some of his summer reading assignment in Guns, Germs and Steel (note that is my empty beer bottle John is sitting by).

Next morning we packed up camp and went to climb a great route called Bear's Reach.

The line is shown in the photo (faint blue) and the arrow points to two people on the route.

This is a great climb. Steep and unlikely looking from afar or from the ground, but it goes with lots of exciting moves up flakes, stemming corners and jamming cracks. Great tuneup for the summer climbing season.

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