Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lucky to be alive

Update! 2.5 weeks later the kid is doing great. So very lucky. All the stitches are out and the plastic surgeon did an amazing job. Teeth are no longer loose. John cringes at intersections while driving around town still.

John was involved in a bike/car accident this morning and had to be helicoptered to the Santa Clara Trauma Unit.  He is extraordinarily fortunate to be alive and relatively uninjured. It is a quite deeply moving experience to see one of your children laying on the road in a pool of blood surrounded by emergency vehicles. John on his bike slammed into a car at pretty high speed and fortunately went through a window of the car rather than hitting a door or the frame of the car. Many awful things could have happened, but in the end, after a few hours in surgery and maybe 100 stitches, all the damage is relatively superficial and we are back in Santa Cruz tonight. He is going to be pretty sore and uncomfortable for awhile and have some impressive scars on his face but he is a lucky young man.

John giving the thumb's up at the hospital

The impact zone
His helmet and messenger bag

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