Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guanaja Honduras

The Bolte Boys headed off for a little adventure in June 2011. Me, not-so-little-anymore John, Uncle John and the cousins Zach, Matt and Chris headed to Guanaja, a 2 mile by 10 mile long island off the coast of Honduras. To get there we flew to Houston, then caught a flight to Roatan (another island off Honduras with an airport that can handle 737s), where we hopped on a little prop plane to Guanaja. From there the dive master of the B&B where we stayed picked us up in his boat. 93F, 98% humidity.

The kids were there for the fabulous diving. 100' visibility, 80F water and a vibrant, healthy reef.

View of the house where we stayed (top) and the view from the house

Brother John and I were there to fish for bonefish

Johnny got certified just before the trip: he had a blast diving
The beaches and water there are classic tropical paradise
John on the dock

Gearing up for a dive
There were some classic flats

Bro John and I did our exploring for bonefish flats via kayak

The bonefishing was fabulous
Saw permit, barracuda, snook and lots of bonefish

The crew: me, Chris, Zach, Big John, John, Matt

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