Sunday, May 3, 2009

New member of the Bolte household

May 2, 2009 I got a new guitar and I love it! Guild 1959 T-100D thin, hollowbody, single cutaway, with dual P90-style pickups and a Bigsby. Plays like a dream and sounds incredible. I've been looking at Gibson ES 125 TDC and Gibson ES 225's for years (ever since my brother bought a great 125 out from under my nose in 1972).

I'm jazzed.


cyberprimate said...

Hi. Nice guitar indeed. I'm curious about the sound of these P90 style pickups that are not Gibson P90s. How do they sound compared to a stock P90 of that same era? Congratulations for your purchase.

Mike Bolte said...

I don't have a Gibson P-90 for direct comparison, but to me they Guild pickups sound a little warmer and fuller. More of a jazz sound and less of a rockabilly sound.