Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring Break at Truckee

For the first time in years the kids had their Spring Breaks at the same time and I didn't have any meetings/observing runs or other stuff on the calendar. So, we decided to take a little trip. After bouncing around ideas for awhile, we decided on Lake Tahoe. It had been a pretty low snow year and the weather was already global-warming-like warm for April, but we figured we could do a little bouldering, lake stuff, hiking and exploring around. Threw in the snow stuff just in case.

Turned out that as we got up there a late snow storm came in and we woke up the first day to snow on the ground and sub-freezing temperatures. Yahoo! Did a little internet searching at the hotel and found some "family friendly", low-key resorts. Tahoe-Donner was just around the corner. Off we went only to discover they had closed for the seasons two weekends before. Plan B: Northstar. Only 30 minutes away. We get there and wander around in a daze. This was an amazing yuppie Disneyworld like place--way too upscale and trendy for the likes of us. Plan C was Boreal, only because it was close. Only two lifts running, but still renting gear and very nicely low key. The kids were out on snowboards playing on one of the closed slopes and I was with them on telemark skis. Fresh snow, nobody around and lots of fun.

Next morning we were back and spent a fun day on the slopes. John decided to try skis rather than a board and took to the skis wonderfully. Frances kicked back in the lodge.

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